Software Developer (Java), multiple positions

Job description

BaseN Corporation enables its customers to translate disjoint streams of data to actionable items and leveraging that to build real businesses on BaseN. We're founded in 2001, have operations in 7 countries and provide a good and stable environment for all of our employees. Our main product is the BaseN Platform, a redundant, distributed collection of services for very high volume data reception, storage, monitoring, analysis, and visualization. We need to expand our international multi-disciplinary team with great team members!


The Software Developer primarily participates in maintaining and improving existing services and in planning and implementing new services as well as participates in customer delivery projects and occasional publicly funded research projects. It will be possible to influence your work profile based on your own interests.


While not mandatory, generic understanding of user interfaces and being able to position oneself as an end user is highly desireable. We appreciate also prior knowledge of networks, network management and/or gathering of metrics from various systems.


We offer flexible working hours and the ability to work remotely from home, your cottage or an island (island not included), modern tools of trade such as a quality laptop and allowance for home office equipment such as a proper chair.  


We are looking for well-rounded people who care about their craft and understand software development. While we value a formal degree in computer science, mathematics or similar field, we do not require one. A candidate with strong background, open mind and ability to learn would be an ideal addition to our team.


That being said, here is what we think the ideal team member would be:


  • fluent in Java
  • fluent in JavaScript
  • at least 3-5 years of experience in software development
  • understanding of parallel coding practices
  • interested in JVM optimization in high-cpu, high-memory, high-throughput applications
  • familiar with the challenges of distributed, asynchronous, redundant, fault tolerant services


Regarding personality and skills, you should be:

  • comfortable working in a team with multiple specializations
  • able to participate in planning, estimation, and implementation work
  • able to adapt to company working methods and coding conventions
  • able to produce and maintain documentation of your work
  • ability to test and verify your work
  • able to adopt (agile) development methodologies and tools (especially Eclipse, JIRA, Git)
  • have tenacity, drive, attitude, humility and competency
  • fluent in spoken and written English


Please note you must be a European Union citizen or already have the right to work within the European Union.